How to Create Metal Posters

Metal posters, or metallic prints, are modern high-definition wall art pieces made from a sleek metal panel layered with any image you choose. They’re a great way to bring photos to life and add a show-stopping design element to any room.

Is printed metal strong?

The process of printing onto metal is called dye sublimation, which infuses the image into a hard coating on the metal surface to provide durability and protection for the print as well as extending its lifespan. This means that metal prints are able to last for many years without fading or scratching, making them an investment that’s well worth the price!

They can also be easily hung, thanks to their magnet mounting system that’s included with each purchase. This ensures that the poster stays firmly on your wall, even if you move it around frequently.

You can choose from a variety of surface finishes, such as brushed, true color, glossy, and matte, to enhance your image’s appearance. Regardless of which finish you opt for, your metal print will take your colors to a whole new level.

Choosing the right images to display on metal is key to creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The photo you select must be high-resolution and have a crisp and clear focus to display properly on the panel.

The next step is selecting a template or layout that best suits your images. For example, you can create a gallery of different photos that all fit together in a similar style, or choose a collage layout to mix and match pictures of your favorite memories into a beautiful display piece.

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