Land Rover Defender Builders Review

land rover defender builders


The land rover defender builders  has always been an off-roading stalwart. Its purpose-built stance and off-road proven breakover and departure angles have long made it the pinnacle of off-roading capability.

However, there’s more to the Defender than its off-road prowess; it also delivers a surprisingly luxurious on-road experience. That’s thanks to a host of improvements that have transformed the old NAS Defender into something that combines its legendary off-roading prowess with impressive on-road ability, enabling you to take it on all manner of adventures.

Defend It

The new Defender is the first major update to the basic model since 1983, and it’s not going to disappoint its fans. It’s a vehicle that delivers all of the classic Defender character — rugged, imposing, tough-looking — with enough sophistication to appeal to newbies.

Creating Your Dream Ride: A Guide to Land Rover Defender Builders and Customizers

X-Dynamic SE and V8 models add off-road attitude to the lineup, while Carpathian offers the most luxury options to date. Both offer off-road-friendly features such as air suspension, electronic active differential, and an Advanced Off-Road Capability Pack.

Its interior is a little more roomy than many midsize competitors, with ample nooks and crannies for the occupants. Grab handles are integrated throughout the dashboard, and there are plenty of spots for cargo as well. The front seats are decently supportive and comfortable, and there’s a wide range of optional upgrades available. You can add a power tailgate and even bright metal pedals, for example. And, of course, there are plenty of bespoke color schemes that can be customized to suit your style and personality.

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