Cloudzy’s Dallas VPS

Located in the central United States, Dallas is a network hub that serves not only the US, but also its neighboring countries of Mexico and Central America. This makes Dallas a great option for businesses that want to serve their customers around the world.

Cloudzy’s dallas vps is the perfect way to access the opportunities that this city offers without having to physically move to the area! This means that you can continue working in the comfort of your home, or in your office, and take advantage of the best of this high-tech business center.

The Dallas data center features a fully carrier-neutral environment with multiple diverse fiber feeds, and operates in a priority power grid with true 2N redundancy. This ensures that your data is protected by a powerful backup system, and provides you with a 100% uptime guarantee.

SolarSystemTM – Brand New Dallas Node for Linux and Windows Users

The latest Dallas, TX SolarSystem(tm) node is based on the same hypervisor architecture as its sister SolarSystem node in Clifton, NJ that was placed there in January of 2013. This node is powered by next generation hexa-core Intel E5 Processors with 256GB of RAM each allowing for additional burst and growth. It utilizes a fully redundant 10GB network, and operates a NetAPP base SAS Storage platform that can meet all your storage needs.

KVM Virtualization Technology – Dedicated Hardware and Admin Tools

With KVM virtualization, you can deploy your Linux or Windows Cloud Hosting software to your own VPS server that is on dedicated hardware. This gives you complete control over your web server and allows you to configure it with as much storage, CPU, and memory as you need. You can even increase the data transfer allowance at any time.

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