Signs That You Need Emergency Heating Repair Near Me

If you are dealing with a heating emergency, we have you covered. Whether it is your gas furnace or heat pump that’s giving you problems, our technicians will provide a quick solution to get your home back to comfort level quickly and efficiently.

How do you start a heating system?

The signs that your Cool Care Heating and Air system is in need of repair can range from a high energy bill to a cold and uncomfortable home. Our team will perform a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling systems to determine the best solution to get you back up and running.

Electrical Issues – Problems with your HVAC system often involve electricity. If you are experiencing issues such as an overloaded capacitor or a wire that is tripping your breaker, you will need professional help from a certified electrician.

Outdated Equipment – If you have an older air conditioner or furnace, it is likely to breakdown and malfunction. This is especially true for aging units that are less efficient than modern ones.

HEAP Benefits – Eligible low income homeowners can apply for heating repairs and replacement through the HEAP program. This federally-funded resource offers up to $4,000 for a repair or up to $8000 for a replacement.

Weatherization Services – Low income homeowners can also receive assistance from this program to help them reduce their energy bills and improve energy efficiency. This can include installing a new heating system, upgrading to a more efficient model or getting your existing system repaired.

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