What Is Bot Management and Why Is It Important?

Block bots  management is a critical component of a comprehensive IT security strategy. It regulates bot access to websites or applications, filtering out traffic generated by malicious or unwanted bots and allowing good bots to pass through.

Protecting your digital storefront against bot attacks is crucial for all types of businesses. Retail e-commerce, financial services, travel and hospitality, food delivery, and media companies all face high risks of losing valuable brand reputation, inventory and customer loyalty from malicious bots.

The main goal of bot management is to detect suspicious bot activity and then prevent the bots from hijacking your assets and causing harm to your company’s website or online resources. This includes stopping malware bots, preventing credential stuffing, and protecting your users from account takeover attacks.

How to Block Bots and Protect Your Website from Automated Threats

Bots are automated programs that perform tasks on their own, and can be useful for many different purposes, including assisting customers, collecting data, or crawling the web to improve search engines. However, bots can be very resource-consuming and can negatively impact your site’s performance.

A good bot manager should be able to distinguish between good and bad bots in real-time. This is done by employing a range of security solutions, including machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence.

Using a Challenge-based approach, these tools use active challenges or tests that are difficult or impossible for bots to complete to identify them as bots. Examples include CAPTCHA verification and checks to see if they can run JavaScript or accept cookies.

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