A Resource For Ceramics

Resource for Ceramics

Whether you’re just starting your Ceramics Info education or you’re already an experienced potter, a Resource for Ceramics can help you learn more about this creative art form. A thorough list of ceramic artists, schools, blogs, and galleries is found on Ayumi Horie’s webpage. You’ll also find videos and writings by Steven Colby, and you can read about historic pots as well as listen to music from the world’s great potters.

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The origin of the term “ceramics” dates back to ancient Greece. Keramos means “potter’s clay” and is related to the Sanskrit root “karamus,” which means “to burn.” Ceramus was an ancient city in the northern Aegean Sea, now in Turkey. Today, you can find ceramics in everything from space shuttle tiles to the floors of your home. This fascinating material plays a vital role in nearly every industry, from health care and education to global telecommunication and defense.

This comprehensive resource for ceramics includes the latest research and information. Using step-by-step illustrations, it covers everything from the history of pottery to the contemporary trends. It also includes a glossary of ceramic terms. The author’s goal was to provide a comprehensive resource for ceramics students and art educators. The pages are written to appeal to students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced students. The book is organized into sections, each one focused on a particular aspect of ceramics.